I was just a fool, sorry that I twice left out the fleece.
Now my heart’s so full, grateful I was least able to flee

But I wouldn’t want half of this if you never served it with the

And I know how to stay in it so I pray you help me keep all of this


Man’s now a puppet I know who to blame
I saw em enter his skull and lock the door.
Holes that were to stay open they fully filled
Fate he was to stay searching they wholly sealed.

He now stays in the wild
Roaming open and free
But only in his thoughts
In reality he’s captive
Soaring at dictated heights
With the winds he floats.

His barely utilised car is always on full tank
He rubs every small ache like his tutors taught him.
Tethered to a smile stronger than his drive
Man’s been dead for a minute
His body lives on.


I needed to walk many miles
In untravelled paths
Learnt to close my eyes
And trust a voice.

But looking back,
The sweat, dust and blood
The thirst, the sunburn
Were quite a bargain.

Now the hands on my skin are gentle
Resting my nerves and muscles.
My eyes are fed dancing petals
The music’s served in pretty vocals.

High ceilings keep the heat out
Wooden floor to keep my toes fresh.

This is nothing like my other house.
This is home.


She hopes to catch me slipping
Hook me in her mandibles
And drag me down the broad way

But discipline
Is not something you struggle with
When everyday’s a leg day

Wake Up Dad

Wake up dad
Wake up for I need you to see.
Your son learnt the tongue you wanted to speak.
Remember my promise?
Wake up dad, your son is home.

I crashed my watch, Started using His clock
Ditched my walk and joined His flock.

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The Tree 🌲

He came and destroyed our libraries
Took with him our books of history.
Fate left us blind to our origin
And denied us a sense of direction.

Our girls he raped and our boys he killed
Our lives he robbed and our barns he torched.
For generations we thought
The thieves came from west.
We searched far and wide
Until there was no land left.

But when we changed our focus
Really narrowed our broadcast
We finally met the enemy.
And he is us.

The waters been flowing free and formless
But from it He sprout a tree.
With roots that sucked dirt until the water was clean
And leaves that keep it safe from the sipping sun.

No prayer would have rescued us.
From us.

Winds of change

Sam said it’s just a part of it
We’ve got to fulfill the book.

My people tell me Sam lacked spirit
He misunderstood the book!
Our fathers did no harm
We don’t even look like Ham.

This card’s always been able to kill all the games
But we got predictable for we keep playing the same

We won’t bare our broken
If we stay stubborn he was lying
And we have to clear our demons
To spot the silver lining

I refused to believe that bad winds fanned the final solution
As I refuse to believe they swept merchant ships to new land.
They cannot be that strong
The strong currents blow
From only one direction.


You diluted the message before sailing the waters
Taught my fathers sacrifice over obedience
Now we have many a house just for business
With masses placing pieties over duties

Our parents could never say no to bread
They blame our empty stomachs for that.
Our sons know how to guard pearls from swine
But were never shown where pearls are found

The one who freed them from slavery
Is the same one who wiped off a generation.
So, ‘good’ would be a word misleading.
I say He is Fair.


I had to sacrifice
My gained altitude
Just to be my own master.
And I can’t amphasize
The size of other things
I put on that altar.

Can’t shoot me down now I’m homing
I grew a better vision and a mission
Made the weight on my legs an addiction
I just might have found where milk and honey flow
And it’s everything I thought plus much more

I do the cleaning
Coz no one’s willing
But also in my reasoning
The one after me
Might not be convinced
That I too
Found the toilet soiled.

I see through your doubts.
Your false accusations
Are only screaming out
Your damn confessions.
When i needed it you were not the option
So I learned to dance solo with my new reflection.