Game Plan

I’ll chase the unseen
Coz what I see is a fad
Ignore my flesh
Always do the hard
If it’ll begin to show
The respect I have
My fear, my love
I hope I impress
So you can curve my shot
Coz I’m going for the win
And this right here,
Is the only game plan.



He made the u turn way past point of no return.
And to stop he was able when it was insatiable.
You can never have enough they said
Still he took only a half.
He can leap for the catch at this moment
But he awaits the time appointed

His drive has never been the cent
He’s different

Her Power

Your story will still be sold
Started pure but slipped south
Designed by a whole clan
Shaded with the country sun.
Before you crossed into the urban
And then into the cyber
And like all humans in this land
You found some Instalife
That pumped your esteem
One post at a time
So like a queen before you
It was a matter of time
Before the deep captions
Turned to raw hash tags
The world bit into your soul
Almost savoured you whole.
And since we live in the cable too
We watched you morph
And from a programmed view
We wrote you off!

But look at what you became
When you grew your own legs
And found this power
That gave you a new age.
Now you’re shootin to the stars
And oceans than were big n overwhelming
Look too small to swim in.
Feared you’d drown when baby daddy bailed
Now you’re glad that ship sailed
Might have done a longer path
But you found your land.
In love with the beauty your flaws made
She smiles back when you say
‘I’ll help you find your power girl.
Way earlier than mama did’


When time stop moving
And all soil is burnt
When life will be no more
And all beasts made same
When your brains will be opened
And your tongue let lose
Promise you’ll tell your maker
That I was different


I chose the good house
So I was given these guards.
That’re made like me
but slightly superior.
While I have to open doors,
they float through them.
Yet they still open doors for me!
While I hear many voices,
They hear one.
But we follow the same voice!
It’s beautiful.

They keep my heart warm all the time.
All the times

All the times I tasted purity
I decided I’ll force an addiction.
Mum said I looked good with hundred legs
But I traded all of them but four
for a pair of wings
That got me close to my maker.
And of the sacrifices, a few were harder.

I’ve done all my life off road
But still bore every tough yoke
As instructed.
So I’d be forgiven for sometimes thinking
Maybe the good house chose me